The Science Behind Sugaring

Why does sugaring truly work? Why is it growing so much in popularity and what makes it yield such different results from other methods of hair removal?

To answer these questions, it is important to look at the “science” of sugaring. It all begins to make sense why it is so popular and has been effective so many centuries.

Sugaring is the removal of the entire hair shaft at the bulb or root, pulling in the natural direction of hair growth with a sugar paste. This paste usually consists of natural ingredients such as sugar, water, and lemon. This natural solution is applied at body temperature and is easy on the skin and especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

Unlike wax, the sugar solution is water soluble. As a result, the sugar binds deep into the hair follicle better to more effectively “grab” each hair strand resulting in little to no hair breakage. The sugar solution sticks less so to the skin than wax, and due to this, it tends to be a less painful method of hair removal. This results in much less, if any skin irritation and redness that is common with waxing.

Waxing tends to result in more hair breakage, almost 30% which grows back stubbly. However, over time, as you get frequent sugaring treatments, the hair follicle essentially becomes damaged, dies off, and may no longer grow hair at all. At first, the few hairs that do grow back are much more fine and do not have the blunt broken hairs that occur with waxing.

Another reason that sugaring is more desirable than wax is that it can be effectively applied to much shorter hair, as short as 1/16th of an inch. These baby hairs are in the early growth phase and extract more easily, therefore resulting in less pain.

Acting as a natural exfoliant, the sugar solution will moisturize your skin, leaving it soft. Waxing is quite drying to the skin and it is not uncommon to experience redness and irritation after a waxing treatment.

As you can see, once you take a close look at the actual science of sugaring, it is no surprise that it is so much more effective and causes less discomfort than waxing. Over time, your sessions can spread out as your re-growth diminishes noticeably.

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