Sugaring FAQ


I’ve never been sugared before, how is it done?

  • A warmed sugar paste* is massaged onto the skin and then removed with a flicking motion of the wrist extracting hair from the follicle in the direction of the hair growth.
  • The sugar paste lubricates the follicles and gently slides the hair out in the natural direction of growth so there is no pulling on the skin and hair breakage. That can mean no more ingrown hairs with proper post skin care. Regular body sugaring treatments leads to reduced hair growth meaning less hair, fewer treatments and a decrease in any discomfort.
  • *The sugar paste looks like thick honey and is smooth and pliable when warmed; it is nothing at all like the grainy exfoliating sugar body scrubs.


Can I be burned?

  • The sugar is NEVER hot. The paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature.


Does sugaring hurt as much as waxing?

  • Many clients describe their sugaring experiences as less painful than waxing. Also, they have found that any residual redness, if any, post treatment diminishes much more quickly. Keep in mind that hair is being removed from the follicle at the root so the extraction is not completely sensation-free. However, with regular sugaring the skin will become desensitized.


How long does my hair need to be?

  • We suggest hair growth length of 1/8”, but not longer than 1/4”.


What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

  • 24 hours prior to your appointment, gently exfoliate and re-hydrate your skin. It is recommended that you arrive at your appointment with clean skin without lotions, deodorants or oils.
  • The very best results begin with skin care at home. Between treatments keep your skin exfoliated and well-hydrated. Also, never use a razor, depilatory creams or tweezers. This will interfere with the refinement and diminishment of your hair growth and your goal to have smooth and healthy skin.


How often will I need a treatment?

  • The general rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks. Treatments scheduled closer together result in faster hair refinement. Appointments will be scheduled based on your individual hair growth patterns and body part(s) treated.


Can you remove soft downy facial hair?

  • We can safely remove the vellus (peach fuzz) hair on the face. The face is one of the most delicate areas for hair extraction, because of the dense amount of vellus hair. With one flick, we could remove about five hundred hairs. Since this type of hair sits on the nerve endings, it can set off the alarm in the nervous system. A patch test at your consultation can be performed if you have had a previous experience that gives you any hesitation.


Does sugaring hurt more when you have your menstrual cycle?

  • Some women are more sensitive at their time of the month so it is suggested you do not schedule your appointments to coincide with your menstrual cycle. Other women do not experience any increase in sensitivity. Do what you think is right for your body.

Couldn't find your question in our sugaring FAQ? Don't hesitate to contact Valerie or Meghan with any question you might have.