7 Healthy Gel Polish Nail Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easier

7 Healthy Gel Polish Nail Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easier

Visiting a salon every week can be so hectic and expensive both simultaneously. To get rid of this costly process, there are many creative, free, and easy ways to get a perfect manicure and pedicure in a short time. If you want to do your nails at home, below are some basic hacks for nails in which different types of nails can be done like acrylic nails, maintenance of color gel for nails, French nail art, etc.

7 Healthy Gel Polish Nail Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easier

7 Healthy Gel Polish Nail Hacks

Fixing a Broken Nail

Are you tired of your broken nails? No need to worry about it because there are a lot of hacks by which you can get your nails back. You have to apply a nail color coat on your broken nail and then leave it to let it dry. Apply a wet tea bag on the top of your nail and try to press it until it gets dry.

Use Ice Water to Dry Your Nail

Girls who are fond of getting their nails done in various colors know the struggle of letting nails dry in a short period. If you do not have time to make your nails dry sitting at a normal room temperature or your nails are not getting dry easily, you can try a hack in this situation. Open a cold water tap or use ice water, apply that water to your nails and make them dry rapidly. 

Blowing on your nails does not speed up the drying time, it will take 10 to 15 minutes to dry if you want to minimize the time and make a shine in your healthy gel polish. When your nails get dry, you can apply cuticle oil on the top of your nail polish to make them more shiny and vibrant.

Use Gel Manicure

There are several color gel for nails to make the nails more attractive and pretty. Some girls don’t have enough time to go to the salon and take all the services in a limited time. A gel manicure can help those girls in the best way, they can use the nail gel on the top of their nails and correctly make the nail’s consistency. You can use it at any place and make your nails fresh and attractive all at the same time.

Whiten Your Nails with Toothpaste

Leave all types of manicures and start doing this hack if you want to save your time and money. Pick up a toothpaste in which the quantity of baking soda is present. It never hurts to have attractive white nails with zero expense and less time.

Use this secret hack of nails and leave all the manicures and pedicures to enhance the beauty of your nails. It is time to use toothpaste for hacking purposes. Apply a few amounts of paste on your nails and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the paste from your nails, you will realize the instant effect on it. After this easy beauty hack, you can apply a polisher or any gel on your nail for your satisfaction.

Wear Gloves for the Prevention of Split Nails

If you are suffering from a split nail and tried many solutions to overcome this issue, but nothing worked well, try some new and easy hacks of 2022. Try to wear gloves in water if you want to prevent split nails. Use rubber or latex material or gloves while washing the dishes or working in the water.

Prevent Over-Polishing

Many of us have experienced it before. When we start to apply the nail polish on our hands or feet, we do some over-polishing, which gives a very tidy look. The best way to secure yourself from this type of issue is to apply some amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the edges of the nail. After that, you will use polish on your hand, and in case it goes out of the nail, nail polish will automatically remove from there.

Efficient Nail Polish Storage

Storing the nail polish collection is a thing for girls who have busy routines. Use wasted boxes or shoeboxes for this purpose. It will help in a better way and store your collection of nail polishes at the same place.


If you are a fan of different nail art and nail designs, you can customize the healthy gel nail arts. The best part of doing your manicure using the color gel for nails is that you don’t need a UV light, which means you are saving loads of time. The removal process requires acetone, so you should include a nail strengthener in your kit to maintain the health and strength of your nails. Thanks to the person who invented these hacks, it is much easier for everyone to rest assured about having their nails look exquisite and stunning without much effort.