How to Get the Best Dipping Powder Nails at Home

How to get the best dipping powder nails at home

You have a variety of nail manicures available today. While gel polish finishes are common globally, dipping powder manicures are becoming more popular. Besides, you have nail acrylic extensions that are also easy to have at home today. This blog discusses how to get the best dipping powder manicures at home.

How to get the best dipping powder nails at home

Dipping Powder Manicure – Is It Easy?

Yes, dipping powder manicures are easy. Anyone can master the dipping powder technique with a little practice at home. Besides, you have excellent products like Nugenesis dipping powder available on the market to make it easy for you to learn the technique. Let us now see how to get Nugenesis nails at home.

The Dipping Powder Manicure Procedure

While many women prefer to go to nail salons to get their dipping manicures, one can have them at home. The procedure is detailed herewith.

Get Your Manicure Accessories in Order

Dipping powder manicure is one of the fastest nail manicures around. This is because the topcoat layer does not take more than a minute to become dry. Hence, one should be ready with all the accessories required for the manicure. Therefore, before you sit down for your manicure, you can ensure that you have the nail files, buffs, acetone, cuticle pushers, basecoat application, Nugenesis dipping powder, topcoat application, etc., ready on hand.

Start by Prepping Your Nails for the Job

The first step is to remove the existing polish on your nails and make sure that the nail surface is ready for the manicure. Then, you can use nail polish removing solution or acetone to remove the polish sticking to the nail. If there are traces of polish, you can apply acetone using a cotton ball. Otherwise, you might have to go for the entire nail polish removal procedure. We shall discuss that in another blog.

Buff the Nail Surface

On cutting and shaping your nail edges, you can buff the nails and rough the surface. It allows the basecoat application to stick to the nail surface. You should note that the dipping powder sticks to the basecoat and not to the nail. Therefore, it is necessary that the basecoat sticks to the nail properly. You should ensure to push the cuticles into the grooves and use alcohol to clean the nail surface before commencing the dipping powder manicure.

Apply the Basecoat Layer

As you prepare the nail surface by buffing it, you can apply the basecoat layer in thin strokes using a clean brush. It is advisable to have a thin coat starting from the base of the nail near the cuticles and move towards the tip in straight lines without overlapping. It ensures a thin coating. A thin coat is essential because you must apply Nugenesis dipping powder over the basecoat. A thicker coat will increase the overall thickness of the manicure and make it look unpleasant.

Proceed with the Dipping Powder Application

Once the basecoat application is ready, you can go ahead with the dipping powder. The most common method is dipping the fingernails into the dipping powder bottle and allowing the powder to stick to the basecoat. Alternatively, you can take dipping powder in a separate bowl and dip your fingernails in it. However, the most hygienic method is to sprinkle dipping powder from the bottle on the nail surface and spread it using a brush. It ensures that the coat is thin and evenly spread over the nail. Finally, you can dust the excess powder from the nail surface by tapping your nails gently.

Get the Activator Gel on Your Nails

Proceed with applying the activator gel on the dipping powder layer. It helps the dipping powder ingredients to stick to the basecoat and form a sturdy layer over your nail. The activator gel activates the Nugenesis dipping powder ingredients and is critical for the entire manicure.

The Topcoat Application Is the Final Step

The final step is the topcoat application. You can apply the topcoat layer over the dipping powder using simple strokes. A thin layer ensures a matte finish. However, if you require a glossy feel to your nails, you can apply multiple layers of topcoat. The best aspect of Nugenesis nails is that the topcoat application dries quickly. It does not take a minute or two for the topcoat layer to dry. The procedure does not require curing the nails under a UV lamp.


Finally, you can use a sterilized nail file and file the edges gently to remove any sharp edges. It also helps to remove the excess dipping powder sticking to the edges of your nails. Finally, applying cuticle oil to your nails helps deliver the required shine. Now, your Nugenesis dip powder nails are ready to last for more than three to four weeks.