Eight Beautiful Shades of Red No Woman Should Give a Miss

DND DC Red Shades

Red is the universal favorite when choosing nail colors for any occasion. The beauty of the red shade is that it suits every skin tone, from the fairest to the person with the maximum tanned look. Moreover, red looks heavenly because it is available in various shades. For example, DC DND offers an exquisite range of red colors in its DND DC color chart. You can have one after the other and carry on conveniently for an entire year without looking at different colors.

DND DC Red Shades

Let us now discuss some red color shades available on the DND DC color chart and see how they enhance your beauty to the next level.

DND DC Red Shades

DND DC has an exquisite range of red shades in its collection. We shall discuss the most popular shades people globally prefer on their nails.

The ferrari red

When you think of red, the first vehicle that comes to mind is the Ferrari. The red racing car with the racer decked up in red suits looks exhilarating. So, is the Ferrari Red gel polish from DND. This beautiful shade looks excellent on your hands as you dance through the parties. The glistening shade attracts people’s attention and makes you the center of attraction wherever you go.

Lucky red

Many women consider red their luckiest color because they wear it almost every occasion. For example, the Lucky red shade looks gorgeous when you wear them to parties and dance balls. This color shines through the nail and makes your presence felt in no uncertain terms. So you can wear it and make the most forceful fashion statement. No wonder this Lucky Red is at the top of the list on every woman’s choice of red DC DND nail polish.

Raspberry red

Usually, you get apple reds, plum reds, and strawberry reds. But, raspberry red shades have become more popular today, with the younger generation not afraid to experiment with different shades of reds. This color looks heavenly on people with medium-toned skin as it gels beautifully with their skin color and brings their inner beauty out into the open. If there is one red shade I would love to wear on every happy occasion, it has to be the Raspberry Red from the DND DC color chart.

Burgundy mist

Burgundy Mist is a beautiful red shade that shines through the winter months. Although, it is a slightly darker hue and hence, not the best one to have in summer. But once the snow starts falling, you can wear this burgundy shade and look at your exotic best, especially during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Secondly, this beautiful shade looks great on women of all ages. So, your entire family can wear these shades together and take a beautiful selfie to upload on Instagram.

Fiery fuchsia

Red is always associated with fire. The Fiery Fuchsia is one of the most sensual red shades you can ever find in the DND DC color chart. Young girls prefer the Fiery Fuchsia to attract their dates and have a fantastic time in each other’s company. Usually, you find bottles of this color shade disappearing off the shelves a week before Valentine’s Day. Then, suddenly, you find a sea of reds on the floor as every young girl wears it on their nails to woo their beloved.

Pomegranate red

Pomegranate red is one of the most beautiful red-colored nail polishes from DC DND. First, it is a simple shade but exudes beauty from almost every angle you look at it. Secondly, it matches nearly all attire and occasions. So, you can have it with your formal suits and even the most casual jeans with equal ease.

Red stone

People with an eye for spotting beauty will never ignore the Red stone nail polish finish from DND. This shade has a heavenly feel as you wear it on all occasions. The best part of this exquisite red shade is that it matches the ruby red stone on your rings and other jewelry items. So, if you want to wear red for your best friend’s wedding, you need not look beyond the Red Stone finish.

Lady in red

Who does not love the lady in red? Red is the most beautiful of all colors available on the nail polish color charts. People cannot take their eyes off the extensive range of red shades available on the DND DC color chart. The Lady in Red stands out from all other red paints because of its sheer beauty and versatility. So have a Lady in red gel manicure colors and see the world falling at your feet.

Final Words

Ask women to pick out the top three colors they like to have on their nails. Most of them will choose the red shades as nothing can beat the glorious effects these colors give off, especially when you take selfies and post them on social media.