The 7 Best OPI Colors 2021

OPI has been on the frontline in coming up with the best products that its customers can ever get. It has invested large sums of money in its research system hence the continuous discovery of new products and improved existing ones. As such, OPI has been preparing to unveil top trends in its products and colours. The year is still young, and we need to know the best products that we can use this year. Therefore, while we still can, it is necessary to enlighten ourselves with the top OPI colours of 2021.

Top OPI Colors

Milky Matte in OPI Colors

Want a ladylike colour? Well OPI gel will give you what you want. Unlike any colour, you have ever seen Milky Matte is unique because of its tender and gentle feeling on ladies of different ages. It is also the best for those in offices which adhere to strict dress codes. You can also use it in parties, night outs and other occasions. Thus Milky Matte is your ultimate decision for 2021. The colour can also be easily combined with strict and straightforward geometry as the lines make the polish to shine and all the way. It is also similar to ivory and peach colours for 2021.

Marsala OPI Nail Color

This is probably the best OPI fall colour for 2021. Its shades and hues are so interesting that people have a hard time to figure out if this colour is greyish red or burgundy. There is a great combination of floral patterns and prints for OPI fall colours 2021 due to Marsala’s redness. It also works well with white and pink to produce.


Black nails match well with clothing, and that is why it is women’s favoured. This is because it slims the body leading to a complex form. The OPI black colour slims the fingers, making them look longer. It is a tender ladylike colour that every woman should have on her shelf. However, the colour can have an uninteresting and boring look. Consequently, artists have devised numerous ways of decorating black, using gradation, matte and glass effect to make the colour stand out and look more luxurious and stunning.

Fuchsia Shades

The 2021 OPI gel polish colors have intriguing hues, especially the fuchsia shades. These are some of the shades whose uniqueness will sweep you off your feet. Fuchsia is an original colour with several hues whose combination elicits extravagance. The product’s main key is cheerfulness. The existence of multiple accents in the shades is an excellent option for abstract and geometric nail arts.

The Minimalism of OPI Soft Shades 2021

This OPI new collection presents a new design that presents a hoard of solutions showing as if minimalist is about a single way. Nonetheless, the distinct soft tines, various strips as well as multiple combinations prove the antithesis because the strips can be of distinct colours direction and thicknesses. The OPI gel colour minimalism can be highlighted using small forms of geometric shapes. Furthermore, you can experiment with sophisticated geometric shapes using one finger as a canvas. You can also try distinct thematic shapes inscribed on the nails using the OPI summer colours. Shapes may include a coconut or a leaf among others.

Metal OPI Nail Polish Colors 2021

People always associate metal with silver, but this colour presents a different case. It is easy to transform almost all the 2021 OPI colours into metallic. Therefore, you can achieve black, purple, grey, gold, bronze or even a silver look. Adding a metallic effect to these colours leaves you looking elegant and stunning. You can use any OPI colour of your desire because they are highly diversified. However, it is recommended to avoid any form of prints, including floral prints on metallic base because the metallic base makes the patterns look out of place.

New OPI Colors with Brown Tones

Brown is an unimaginably intriguing colour. There is more to the hue than you have ever anticipated. Brown ones are primarily represented by red and burgundy tones. Have you have come across the wine colour? It is a world’s beloved and reddish-brown and burgundy and will be the most sought for colours in 2021. Additionally, In OPI soft shades 2021 nude colours, brown has numerous tones making it the best colour for office endeavours. This season, the most trending OPI nail colours for 2021 range from Sandy nudes to intense chocolate. Furthermore, colder tones will definitely be advantageous throughout the year. Moreover, coating one finger is one of the techniques anticipated to be highly used throughout the year.


If you are a fun of OPI gel nail polish or dip powders, you are in luck because the industry has some upcoming hues that you need to check out. OPI gel colour and dip powders will be rocking throughout 2021, and you need not be left out. Other OPI colours you can try out in 2021 include Relief Surface OPI Nail Polish Colors 2021, New OPI Soft Shades 2021 in Matte, OPI New Collection 2021 with Pink and OPI Fall 2021 Colors Sky Blue among others.