OPI dipping powder – A sensational finish

The beauty of fashion is that it keeps on changing. What is fashionable today becomes outdated tomorrow. This ever-changing trend is what makes a style irresistible. When you talk of fashion, you cannot ignore nail manicures. Just as the nails are the windows of your health, they also say a lot about your fashion sense. Thus, it makes sense to move along with the trend rather than swim against the tide.

Today, it is the trend of using dipping powder on nails. Before going into the details of a dip powder job, let us check out whether the process is healthy.

Are dip powder manicures acrylic?

In a way, all nail manicures are acrylic. In the case of gel polish, it is a fusion of a liquid and powder to create a gel-like substance. This gel is applied to the nails and left to cure for a few minutes under a UV lamp. The dip powder procedure seems revolutionary because it does not require any curing. The process starts with the application of a bonding agent followed by dipping the nails into colored powder. The topcoat application seals off the nail manicure.

Thus, we can refer to dip powder as ‘diet acrylic’ because it is an in-between version between having artificial nails and a painted manicure.

Are dip powders dangerous to use?

This question is a relevant one because one needs to know the ingredients present in dip powder. The standard versions of dip powder contain methyl methacrylate or MMD, as it is popularly known. MMD is a toxic ingredient and banned in New York and 30 other states in the US. Hence, one should read the ingredient list in a dip starter kit carefully before purchasing it. One should also confirm with the salon whether they use dip powders containing MMD. A give away sign is when the nail manicurist wears a mask before applying the bonding agent.

Secondly, it is commonly thought that dip powders contain Krazy Glue, an ingredient used in the Vietnam War to patch up injured soldiers’ wounds. The nail polish bonding agent contains cyanoacrylate, also found in Krazy Glue, but it is not the same.

OPI Dip Powder – The perfect alternative

One should ensure to use quality nail products like OPI dipping powder. This product does not contain MMD but uses Poly-ethyl methacrylate as the bonding agent. Therefore, using high-quality dip powder products can prove safe for your nails.

Quality dip powder kits use a glue containing Ethyl cyanoacrylate, but it has nothing to do with Krazy Glue.

The Perfect Dip Powder Job

Any job done correctly can produce astonishing results. Similarly, a nail manicure using OPI nails guarantees a superb finish.

  • Wash your hands clean with a medicated soap. You do not like to spread infections, do you?
  • Use a high-quality sterilized nail filer to prepare your nail by smoothing out the edges and make it soft.
  • Go through the dipping starter kit ingredients and select the base coat to function as the initial nail polish layer.
  • The traditional method is to dip the nails into the dipping powder bottle. However, it can cause the spreading of infections because multiple women dip their nails into it. A better alternative is to remove the necessary portion of dip powder and keep it in a small bowl. You can lower your nails in this bowl, set up exclusively for you.
  • Dust off the excess dip powder from your nails. You can proceed to apply a second layer of the base coat to strengthen the overall application.
  • The following step is to apply the activator to start the polymerization. The monomers react with the polymers and form a strong bonding to adhere to the nails correctly.
  • You can buff and contour your nails at this instance to give proper shape to your nails.
  • On completing the buffing, you should proceed with the second layer of activator gel.
  • The final step is the application of the topcoat. The activator gel proceeds to cure the topcoat, whereby the curing takes place within minutes of its application.
  • Repeat the procedure with each of your nails to get a dramatic finish. The advantage of a dip powder manicure is that you can use dip powders of varying colors for your fingers.
  • The result is a protective layer for your natural layer with your favorite color. The best aspect of a dip powder manicure is that it lasts longer than acrylic or gel polish.
  • Show off your beautifully manicured nails on Pinterest or Instagram.


Dip powder is an excellent alternative to acrylic and gel nail polish. It has become the trend today with women globally using quality products like OPI dipping powder. Besides ensuring a sensational appearance, these products are safe for the nails and the skin. Enjoy your nail manicure. Contact us to get the perfect dip starter kit.