Sugaring Seatle Studio


At Sugar Me, our attention to detail provides our client with a tranquil environment to ensure the best sugaring experience possible. Book an appointment today! Our sugaring experts are waiting to assist you.

Sugarings a gentle, natural alternative to painful, evasive hair removal. The process of sugarings great for men and women and the natural sugar paste may be applied anywhere on the body especially sensitive areas like the bikini.

Sugar paste was refined and used since 1900 B.C. by Ancient Egyptians to safely remove unwanted body hair, before the development of sharp razors. Sugar paste is quickly replacing other known methods of hair removal such as waxing. Sugaring is less painful than waxing, the sugar paste bonds to the hair and lubricates the follicle, making for easy extraction; unlike wax which bonds to hair and skin.  Sugarings effective at room temperature so you never have to worry about being burned.  Sugar Me Magnolia only uses natural ingredients which care and soothes your skin while removing unwanted hair.

Sugar Me Magnolia uses the best sugaring techniques in Seattle! Book today for a great experience.