The Dude’s Perspective On Sugaring vs. Waxing

As the first member of my family to walk upright, I decided it was time to shed my Simian body hair, Rob tells us, as he recounts his reason for considering hair removal. In all seriousness, however, it was actually initiated by some gentle prodding from his wife — the case for many a gentleman.

After doing some research, Rob’s wife found a waxing place and booked him an appointment. He wasn’t a fan. “It was really painful… not a great experience.” First of all, the treatment room didn’t make him feel comfortable, and the technician didn’t help. The space didn’t feel very private, and being slightly a self-conscious dude, this setting really didn’t help Rob feel comfortable disrobing for the treatment. To make things worse, his technician didn’t seem as skilled or knowledgeable as he’d hoped, and she couldn’t really answer his questions for after care or even clarify when his next appointment should be. However, a happy wife is a happy life, so Rob went forward with his waxing treatment.

His experience? Ouch all around.

But that back hair just came back, so when it was time for a repeat hair removal session, Rob decided to take matters into his own hands. He found a salon that did sugaring, and thought perhaps the method of hair removal was the problem.

“It was a much different experience, far less painful, more private…” Rob has raved about the improvements of sugaring vs. waxing as a treatment for hair removal for men. What’s more, his sugaring technician was a lot more knowledgeable, with suggestions for follow-up and after care. “They took a lot of precautions to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. It felt like a cohesive experience with sugaring, but at the waxing place, I just felt like I was getting my tires changed,” Rob says. “At the sugaring place, I didn’t feel like I was a novelty as a guy getting hair removal. At the waxing studio, I felt a little like I was being paraded around, which was strange.”

Rob is definitely choosing sugaring for his hair removal grooming needs. In his perspective on sugaring vs. waxing, he recommends that other dudes ask the following questions before they make an appointment:

  • How long has the technician been doing hair removal?
  • Have they worked with men before?
  • What dude-specific after care is needed?

“Always be up front! Clarify what you know about the service, and ask what to expect,” he says.

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