Commom Misconceptions About Hair Removal

Hair removal is a popular practice of grooming for many people in our culture and comes in many forms for both men and women. However, along with popularity for this exercise comes many misconceptions about hair removal and myths surrounding waxing, sugaring, shaving, depilatories and laser treatments.

We will help dispel some of the top misconceptions about hair removal for you:

  • The heat in wax will kill bacteria on wax sticks: Although this is a commonly held belief, don’t believe it and if a practitioner attempts this in a waxing session with you, make for the exit as quickly as you can. For example, the wart virus cannot be killed by hot wax alone… nuff said?
  • Good waxing procedures prevent hair re-growth: Hair regrowth has more to do with your own hair than it does with the procedure used. Individuals with fast hair growth will need to come in for treatments more often than those whose hair grows back in slower.
  • Shaving against the grain gives you a closer shave: NOT! This is more likely to cause ingrown hairs and razor burn. If you choose to shave, do so with the grain, a good razor and the understanding that re-growth usually is faster and results in coarser, blunt hair shafts.
  • Firmer pressure results in a closer shave: Firmer pressure results in more nicks and cuts. If you feel the need to press harder, likely you are using a dull blade.
  • If you have thicker hair, leave depilatories on longer: If you leave these products on longer than the recommended time, you risk causing inflammation, an itchy rash, and potentially burning your skin. Use of depilatories on your face should be cleared with your doctor due to some of these products causing an adverse, sensitive reaction if you use retinol in other skin care products.
  • Laser removes hair permanently: Although laser hair removal is perhaps one of the longer term hair removal methods, due to its effect on the hair follicles, they will recover eventually and hair production is resumed. Follicles that are in the dormant phase will not be affected, which results in the need for touch up sessions after your initial sessions are over. This is the most expensive of all hair removal methods, and this should be taken into consideration before starting the multiple (normally 6 necessary) sessions for success.
  • Sugaring leaves your skin sticky after your session: Professional sugaring sessions are much easier for skin clean up than wax due to the sugaring paste being water soluble.
  • Sugaring can damage live skin cells: The sugar paste cannot adhere to live skin cells, and will not cause damage as a result.

It is easy to see why those of us at Sugar Me are passionate about sugaring for hair removal. It is gentle, affordable and causes less issues than other methods. Call us today for an appointment or even a consultation to address any concerns and questions you may have and dispel misconceptions about hair removal.