Pregnancy, Oily Skin and Make-Up

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to the body. One of the side effects of pregnancy is suddenly finding yourself with very oily skin.

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Why Is the Skin so Oily During Pregnancy?

Acne is a common experience during the first and second trimesters for many expectant moms. Blame it on the rapid hormonal changes of the body! When pregnant, the growing skin glands produce large amounts of sebum. This is the oil that creates clogging of the skin pores and leads to breakouts that make you feel like you have regained your teenage skin. The change in the sebum production rate is directly linked to the change in the body’s progesterone levels. If you are prone to getting pimples around the time of your menstruation, you may experience more sebum production than other pregnant women.

Sebum can also cause inflammation and bacterial deposits so it is important that you take care of your skin with products made especially for the purpose.

Using Acne Wash During Pregnancy

While it is tempting to reach out for a regular acne wash, pregnancy is the time when you have to be extremely careful about what you use on your skin. Everything applied on the skin is absorbed by the bloodstream and passed to your placenta. So you need to invest in the right kind of face wash for oily skin during pregnancy.


Closing Large Pores with Perfect Application of the Choicest Foundation

Makeup is all about covering blemishes and highlighting your best features that make you look beautiful. The sulk skin, crow’s feet near your eyes, and spots that ruin your looks are entirely covered with the makeup kit that you have, but what about the large open pores that need a disaster rescue right away? You need to pick a large pores foundation that does the job well, and a drugstore cruelty-free foundation would be an even better choice.

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Why Do I Get Large Pores?

Besides acne, dry skin, and wrinkles, large pores ruin your looks, and you have to accept living with it. But you can also make them as unnoticeable as possible by using the right skin-care products and makeup tactics. Genetics and age do play a vital role in affecting pore size, making them as conspicuous as possible. Large pores are simply clogged pores that are not replete with dirt or oil but filled with dead skin cells that form the pore bigger and worse looking.

Never dream of getting rid of large pores by splashing ice-cold water over your face. The only way is to conceal them using the right makeup products and by doing it well.

Don’t Miss Out on Any Step

Start concealing your dreaded pores by using a good primer that gives you a smooth base for applying foundation. It is essential to pick and choose the correct large pores foundation for bringing about an exquisite finish to your makeup skills. Some products particularly cater to large pores, but it also depends on the type of foundation that you choose and the technique which you use to apply it.


Commom Misconceptions About Hair Removal

Hair removal is a popular practice of grooming for many people in our culture and comes in many forms for both men and women. However, along with popularity for this exercise comes many misconceptions about hair removal and myths surrounding waxing, sugaring, shaving, depilatories and laser treatments.

We will help dispel some of the top misconceptions about hair removal for you:

  • The heat in wax will kill bacteria on wax sticks: Although this is a commonly held belief, don’t believe it and if a practitioner attempts this in a waxing session with you, make for the exit as quickly as you can. For example, the wart virus cannot be killed by hot wax alone… nuff said?
  • Good waxing procedures prevent hair re-growth: Hair regrowth has more to do with your own hair than it does with the procedure used. Individuals with fast hair growth will need to come in for treatments more often than those whose hair grows back in slower.
  • Shaving against the grain gives you a closer shave: NOT! This is more likely to cause ingrown hairs and razor burn. If you choose to shave, do so with the grain, a good razor and the understanding that re-growth usually is faster and results in coarser, blunt hair shafts.
  • Firmer pressure results in a closer shave: Firmer pressure results in more nicks and cuts. If you feel the need to press harder, likely you are using a dull blade.
  • If you have thicker hair, leave depilatories on longer: If you leave these products on longer than the recommended time, you risk causing inflammation, an itchy rash, and potentially burning your skin. Use of depilatories on your face should be cleared with your doctor due to some of these products causing an adverse, sensitive reaction if you use retinol in other skin care products.
  • Laser removes hair permanently: Although laser hair removal is perhaps one of the longer term hair removal methods, due to its effect on the hair follicles, they will recover eventually and hair production is resumed. Follicles that are in the dormant phase will not be affected, which results in the need for touch up sessions after your initial sessions are over. This is the most expensive of all hair removal methods, and this should be taken into consideration before starting the multiple (normally 6 necessary) sessions for success.
  • Sugaring leaves your skin sticky after your session: Professional sugaring sessions are much easier for skin clean up than wax due to the sugaring paste being water soluble.
  • Sugaring can damage live skin cells: The sugar paste cannot adhere to live skin cells, and will not cause damage as a result.

It is easy to see why those of us at Sugar Me are passionate about sugaring for hair removal. It is gentle, affordable and causes less issues than other methods. Call us today for an appointment or even a consultation to address any concerns and questions you may have and dispel misconceptions about hair removal.

Hair Removal For Your Beach Bod Prep

Now that we’re deep into springtime, prepping your beach bod is a priority. With all of the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s especially important to get into the workout regimen, tanning routine, and hair removal treatments you’ll need to feel fantastic in your bikini this summer. You won’t have the hassle of shaving, so that you can make a spontaneous visit to the lake, pool or beach without worry.

With beautiful summer weather on the horizon, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping up with shaving your legs. Sugaring treatments can take care of this unwanted fuzz for you, leaving you with sexy, smooth legs to show off with summery skirts, dresses, and of course, swimsuits!

The classic bikini is a must if your swimsuit was made any time in the last century. The hems of today’s swimsuit bottoms cut it pretty close, and you don’t want to risk any embarrassing exposed hairs! By getting your bikini line sugared — instead of shaving the unwanted hair away — you also get to skip the annoying dark stubble hairs. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin to sunbathe or play without worrying about mishaps from your nether regions.

For more full-service hair removal, the Brazilian method of sugaring away all hair ‘down there’ will do the trick. Since it involves hair removal in more sensitive areas, a Brazilian sugaring treatment is slightly more painful than hair removal in your bikini areas. However, it’s still less painful than waxing! Reduce the frequency of your hair removal visits with our Brazilian maintenance service, which is also budget-friendly.

Sugar Me’s natural hair removal studio is the place to help you get hairless as part of your summerizing efforts to prep your beach bod. Click here to check out all of our sugaring services for women, and contact Valerie to book your appointment.

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At Sugar Me, our attention to detail provides our client with a tranquil environment to ensure the best sugaring experience possible. Book an appointment today! Our sugaring experts are waiting to assist you.

Sugarings a gentle, natural alternative to painful, evasive hair removal. The process of sugarings great for men and women and the natural sugar paste may be applied anywhere on the body especially sensitive areas like the bikini.

Sugar paste was refined and used since 1900 B.C. by Ancient Egyptians to safely remove unwanted body hair, before the development of sharp razors. Sugar paste is quickly replacing other known methods of hair removal such as waxing. Sugaring is less painful than waxing, the sugar paste bonds to the hair and lubricates the follicle, making for easy extraction; unlike wax which bonds to hair and skin.  Sugarings effective at room temperature so you never have to worry about being burned.  Sugar Me Magnolia only uses natural ingredients which care and soothes your skin while removing unwanted hair.

Sugar Me Magnolia uses the best sugaring techniques in Seattle! Book today for a great experience.

The Dude’s Perspective On Sugaring vs. Waxing

As the first member of my family to walk upright, I decided it was time to shed my Simian body hair, Rob tells us, as he recounts his reason for considering hair removal. In all seriousness, however, it was actually initiated by some gentle prodding from his wife — the case for many a gentleman.

After doing some research, Rob’s wife found a waxing place and booked him an appointment. He wasn’t a fan. “It was really painful… not a great experience.” First of all, the treatment room didn’t make him feel comfortable, and the technician didn’t help. The space didn’t feel very private, and being slightly a self-conscious dude, this setting really didn’t help Rob feel comfortable disrobing for the treatment. To make things worse, his technician didn’t seem as skilled or knowledgeable as he’d hoped, and she couldn’t really answer his questions for after care or even clarify when his next appointment should be. However, a happy wife is a happy life, so Rob went forward with his waxing treatment.

His experience? Ouch all around.

But that back hair just came back, so when it was time for a repeat hair removal session, Rob decided to take matters into his own hands. He found a salon that did sugaring, and thought perhaps the method of hair removal was the problem.

“It was a much different experience, far less painful, more private…” Rob has raved about the improvements of sugaring vs. waxing as a treatment for hair removal for men. What’s more, his sugaring technician was a lot more knowledgeable, with suggestions for follow-up and after care. “They took a lot of precautions to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. It felt like a cohesive experience with sugaring, but at the waxing place, I just felt like I was getting my tires changed,” Rob says. “At the sugaring place, I didn’t feel like I was a novelty as a guy getting hair removal. At the waxing studio, I felt a little like I was being paraded around, which was strange.”

Rob is definitely choosing sugaring for his hair removal grooming needs. In his perspective on sugaring vs. waxing, he recommends that other dudes ask the following questions before they make an appointment:

  • How long has the technician been doing hair removal?
  • Have they worked with men before?
  • What dude-specific after care is needed?

“Always be up front! Clarify what you know about the service, and ask what to expect,” he says.

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